I am Linda Thomas, the designer at Linda Thomas Eco Design. I make luxury upcycled clothing for amazing women to celebrate their individual beauty.

I won young designer of Nottingham in the late 1980s and promptly went on to study Medicine! I now combine my passion for People and Planet by sharing my professional life between designing and healing work.

Linda Thomas Eco Design is based in a studio overlooking the City of Bristol in the South West of England. I want to help you to be able to choose beautiful clothes using your head and heart. Having a style that effortlessly reflects what you believe in. A celebration of colour, design and originality. Enjoy being who you are and working your clothes around that and not the other way around.

I make each piece individually by redesigning and reworking with beautiful materials such as cashmere, merino, silk and linen. Hand felted features, such as collars, using merino wool and silk and finished with vintage or handmade buttons. All stitched with organic cotton.

I am happy to work around any unique requirements including adaptations for women with disabilities or post surgery etc.

I welcome bespoke commissions, creating unique gowns for Weddings or to turn Red Carpet Events into Green ones!